Railway official’s son caught with friends while in Unauthorised travel in train

The son of a senior railway official was caught for allegedly taking his two friends along with him on unauthorised travel in executive class in the Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express on Wednesday.

When the Northern railway vigilance team conducted a sudden check, they found the youth, Akshay, carrying his father’s pass. Akshay’s father Ashwin Kapoor is chief electrical engineer with the West Central Railway (WCR).

Akshay was in executive class of the train and was also taking along his two friends.

The friends had boarded the train on way and they didn’t have the ticket for the executive class.

The vigilance officials checked the tickets and found the two other youths at fault. The officials charged the amount of around Rs. 1,700 as penalty and let them go.

The drama had continued for well over an hour in the train.

The youth’s mother had reached the Bhopal railway station. Carrying her pet dog, she entered the lounge though only sniffer dogs are allowed here, and later received her son.

Railway sources that the official’s son had the proper ticket, however, his friends had the ticket for the other category (not executive class).