Railway passengers have a lot of newer avenues to choose from Railways e-route

Secunderabad: With the Indian Railways increasingly embracing information technology and making use of the scientific advancements, passengers have a lot of newer avenues to choose from.

As part of the ‘Railway Passenger and Customer Facilitation Fortnight’, the railway authorities distributed pamphlets to the passengers and explained the electronic options available to them such as e-catering, e-booking of tickets, e-complaints, e-retiring rooms and etc.

Technology can be used even for inquiry as one can dial 139 to get details on train arrival or departure, seat availability or PNR status,” K. Satyanarayana, Liaison Officer of SCR explained to the passengers. He appealed to the passengers to use the complaint system by dialling 81212 81212 or 138 for complaint management system.

Just Two clicks for safe rail journey

Commuting on trains, especially for women, has been made more safe and secure with the introduction of a trip-sharing app.

Sharing trip details with the kin and friends will enable them to know live location and how the journey is progressing real time.

In just two clicks on android application RailYatri.in, rail commuters can share the trip details. One can also post details on popular messenger apps such as WhatsApp to help family and friends know how the journey is progressing by checking the location. The app uses the location to find the train position and displays the train status.

Thousand of trips are being added daily and people are sharing their trips with loved ones as it is the most convenient and fastest way, according to RailYatri.in.

Another major feature is that friends can track the trip even if the traveller’s mobile phone’s battery dies while on the move. They can still receive the commuter at the station by tracking the trip on RailYatri.in, a company that builds products for rail commuters.

Commuters should share the trip feature only with trusted connections. Users do not have to worry about privacy details as location sharing stops automatically once the train reaches its destination.

The app also calculates the expected arrival time, delay, and the distance left. It also shows the coach and seat position of the commuter, along with the expected platform.

If the receiver does not have RailYatri app on his phone, he can still track the sender’s trip on the browser. The sharing works across all platforms and on most browsers in case one does not have an android device.

RailYatri app can be downloaded from Google Playstore or by a missed call on 8080809551.