Railway police to introduce Mobile App for Passengers

COIMBATORE: The Government Railway Police (GRP) would soon introduce a mobile application for train passengers. With the help of the railway ministry, the GRP is developing the mobile app. Passengers can download the app and lodge their complaints in the app. The complaint will reach the GRP police personnel travelling in the same train and ensure they respond immediately.

Speaking at an awareness programme on ‘safe journey’ for train passengers in the city on Tuesday, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP-Railways) C Sylendra Babu said a private company is developing the app and it will be introduced soon for the passengers.

The GRP, Coimbatore, organized the awareness programme. The commuters were requested not to travel on foot boards and not to board a moving train. Students of the visual communication department of Rathinam College at Eachanari performed a street play to create awareness among the passengers.

Sylendra Babu said 2,300 people died in the last one year in the state due to carelessness while travelling in train or committing suicide by jumping in front of trains. While 10% of the people committed suicide by jumping in front of trains, 85% died due to careless journey. Remaining 5% were natural deaths.

“85% of deaths can be avoided if people are careful while travelling in trains. They should not travel on the footboards and should not board a moving train. If people avoid such carelessness, we can save the lives of train passengers. So, we conducted the awareness programme for the commuters. Such programmes will be conducted across the state,” said Sylendra Babu.

He said passengers travelling in trains can download the app and upload the information in the app if they are facing any troubles in the train. Immediately, the message will be sent to the respective policemen who are on duty in the train. Senior police officials will also monitor the message and instruct the policemen on duty to act.