Railway Reservation Rules: Full Name must for Confirmation of ticket

New Delhi: Short name, initials or incomplete name will not be allowed any more in the Indian Railways’ Passenger Reservation System.

If you are in the habit of hurriedly writing your name in short in the passenger reservation form of Indian Railways, your reservation application for  a confirmed seat will get rejected.

To make travel on trains more secure and preempt the untoward elements from seeking reservation on fake names, the Railway board has decided to strictly allow confirmed booking on the Passenger Reservation System on the basis of full expanded name.

The Railways board has directed all the zones to follow the norm, which is expected to be made mandatory at all the stations and ticket booking centers soon.

Passenger Reservation System provides reservation services to nearly 1.5 to 2.2 million passengers a day on over 2500 trains running throughout the country.

So, those in a habit or writing initials or an incomplete name in the Passenger Reservation System, will not get a confirmed seat in the train.


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