Railway TC booked for molesting 35 year old woman passenger

Mumbai:  The Government Railway Police (GRP) booked a ticket checker (TC) for molesting a 35-year-old woman on the Lonavala-Pune local train recently.

Babasaheb Bhosale, has been accused of molesting a woman passenger while on duty, said a GRP official.

Repotedly, Bhosale has not faced any action in the three cases registered against him earlier. He had been earlier booked for similar offenses in April 2008 and September 2011, and also for assaulting a colleague in July 2008.

The victim complained of molestation on Wednesday.

According to the complainant, a resident of Rahatani, she had boarded the Lonavala-Pune local train from Pimpri on Wednesday afternoon and was to travel till Pune.

In her complaint, she stated,  “Around 1.20 pm, Bhosale and another TC boarded the compartment I was travelling in and sought to see my ticket. After inspecting my ticket, Bhosale threw the ticket out of the window. When I asked him why did he throw away the ticket, he held my hand and touched me inappropriately.”

She alleged that the TC also used abusive language and threatened her.

After the train reached the Pune station, he dragged her to the TC room and slapped a fine of Rs. 265 on me for travelling in first class with a second class ticket, she alleged.

Meanwhile,the concerned authorities said appropriate action would be taken against Bhosale as per procedure.