Railway union holds conference, demands better work conditions

Jammu, March 17: Railway Loading and Unloading Workers’ Union of Jammu on Sunday held its first conference at Railway Complex, Jammu. The workers union in a press release stated that they have been working   as bounded laborers for the last 40 years and their work is very hazardous leading to deadly diseases resulting in the deaths of number of poor workers.  “Unfortunately, we have not been provided masks, safety uniforms and shoes as safety measures by the employers. When workers organized themselves against this barbarous exploitation, the contractors and employers threatened them with dire consequences and even the workers were assaulted by the hired goons of contractors. The union came into existence with the intervention of State CITU Committee in the year 2010 and had got its registration on December 27th, 2012,” the press release further read.
While speaking on the occasion President of State CITU and MLA M Y  Tarigami congratulated the workers for their holding the  conference and appreciated their struggle against the exploitation.
Senior leader of the State CITU Sham Prasad Kesar while speaking on the occasion said that these workers are living in very bad conditions,
“A number of these workers are suffering from prolonged diseases and many have died due to the hazardous work conditions, but no compensation was paid  either to the workers or to their dependents,” he added.
Kesar criticized the Railway Authorities and held them responsible for the plight of the workers and stressed upon the authorities to intervene and demanded that the workers should be taken on the pay role of the railway and their services should be regularized, as their work is totally related to the railway department.