AIRF demands Pension Scheme for Railways similar to Paramilitary Forces

headerAIRFFW1NEW DELHI: If the Government could bring the paramilitary forces back to the old pension scheme in 2009, why cannot it do the same for Railway employees, the largest union of the country – All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF) – has asked.

The Government had brought the paramilitary forces under the old pension scheme in 2009, five years after it mandated New Pension Scheme for all Government employees except Defence officials in January 1, 2004.

The railway union reiterated its demand to scrap the New Pension Scheme which is contribution-based and does not provide any guarantee in pension payment. It reiterated its demand to have a pension scheme that provides some guarantee about pension payment.

Addressing the annual general meeting of Bridge Division of Northern Railwaymen’s Union in New Delhi, Shiva Gopal Mishra, said, “All the defence personnel are exempted from this scheme. Not only that, paramilitary forces were brought back in the Old Pension Scheme in year 2009.”

In a press release, Mishra further added that every year more than five hundred Railway-men lost their lives while performing their duties.

“Their services have always been praised by saying that they are the second line of defence. If they are second line of defence, why they cannot be brought back in the Old Pension Scheme,” asked Mishra.

AIRF said that the Government employees all over the country are opposed to the New Pension Scheme and they are demonstrating their anger by staging rallies and dharnas at their work places.

He further said that the AIRF will not only confine to holding of demonstrations against the New Pension Scheme, but also resolve to stoppage of trains, if employees are not brought back to a Guaranteed Pension Scheme.