Railways announces 14 new trains through UP

LUCKNOW: The Indian Railways on Friday announced 10 new express trains and four passenger trains. Though these trains are meant for different destinations, all of them halt in many cities of Uttar Pradesh, including the state capital. Moreover, a new railway timetable will also be implemented from July 1 for nearly 136 trains operating across the state, which include 56 passing through Lucknow.

All these new trains announced in this financial year’s Railway Budget have now been included in the revised timetable. However the date of introduction of these trains would be announced soon, said railway officials.

The new express trains starting from Lucknow include Lucknow-Yashwantpur weekly super fast express (22683/22684) via Allahabad and Lucknow and the Jaipur-Lucknow Junction tri-weekly express (19715/19716). Those passing through the state capital include Kolkata-Agra Cant weekly express via Lucknow (13167/13168) and Bandra T-Ramnagar (19061/19062) weekly express via Lucknow Junction.

Passenger trains have also been introduced from Lucknow to Hardoi (64221/64222 daily), Lucknow to Sultanpur (64281/64282 daily) and Lucknow to Pratapgarh (74201/74202 six days a week). Another passenger train has been introduced between Barabanki and Kanpur (64235/64236).

Besides the Railways has also increased the frequency of two trains passing through the state from weekly to bi-weekly while routes of seven trains have been extended.