Railways ask MEGA to rope in RITES for design aspects along Ahmedabad-Botad corridor

Ahmedabad (ADI): Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) has decided to rope in Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES), a government of India enterprise, for the final approval of the design of the stations and the elevated corridor running parallel to the Ahmedabad-Botad railway in Ahmedabad city.

Officials in the MEGA said that the MEGA authorities had made the design for the construction of the stations and elevated corridor along the railway track in the city and had forwarded the same to the headquarters of the railway in Mumbai.

However, the railway authorities said that since they did not have the expertise to scrutinize the design and also they were over worked, they suggested involvement of RITES. “The Railway authorities suggested the METRO authorities to rope in RITES for the design aspect along the Ahmedabad-Botad corridor. Once the design gets approved by RITES, the railway will immediately approve the same,” said a government official.

The AMC officials have proposed that the Indian Railway train will move below the metro station, while the metro will continue to move along the elevated corridor.

The authorities said that RITES has already begun the work and the approval is likely to come by April. The authorities said that the work on the North-South Corridor is also likely to commence by June just before the AMC elections are announced by the state election commission.

The Metro Rail will be linked with BRTS, Railway and other public transport services through which a multi-model transport services can be developed by covering industrial, commercial and residential areas. Advanced technologies such as driverless system, communication-based train control system and smart card ticketing will be introduced in this project.