Railways can provide Real-time visibility to customers using indigenous technology: FarEye CEO Nahata

NEW DELHI: Kushal Nahata, CEO and Co-founder FarEye, Logistics Technology Solutions provider said the Railways’ plan to implement integrated transport​ ​with logistics players is a big leap in providing visibility to large consumers of agricultural products.

“Using indigenous FarEye logistics technology Railways can provide real-time visibility to their customers as proven digitization and mobile technology can add a competitive edge that Railways is seeking to grow goods traffic, especially of perishable agricultural goods,” Nahata said.

Startups such as LogiNext, Shipsy are FarEye’s immediate competitors. FarEye has even caught the eye of Microsoft Accelerator and made the Deloitte Tech Fast50. Previously, logistics companies would go to an IBM or an Infosys, large established companies for solving their pain points. But with the advent of tech, data is so much more easily available, that would say it is the big companies who are losing out on business. It all comes down to answering this simple question – are companies looking for services or people products?”

Building API’s, Solving Service Deficiency

Essentially, companies like FarEye have built APIs that talk across systems in the middle mile, rider areas. These APIs are for understanding and analysing riders and hubs in a particular logistics environment, which in turn will speed up the delivery process and make it easy to do more with what one have. The APIs come with a dashboard that displays insights – for warehouse management, supply chain management and comes under ‘operational efficiency.’ The dashboard – which works in real-time – lets the company see which rider is doing what at exactly what time. Warehouse hubs too are analysed from an efficiency and capacity standpoint and, with the dashboard, it is easy to have all the data at your fingertips.”