Railways commodity wise Freight revenue up by 7.91%

New Delhi:  The Railways’ earnings from commodity-wise freight rose by 7.91% to INR 59,069.73 crore during April to November 2013 as against INR 53,923.37 crore in the corresponding period last year, as per data released by the national transporter.

Similarly, it carried 4.72 per cent more freight during this period, at 677.58 million tonnes as against 647.01 million tonnes hauled in the corresponding period of last year.

Of the total earnings of INR 7,880.44 crore during November 2013, a major portion came from carrying 39.91 million tonnes of coal worth INR 3,293.18 crore.

Elsewhere, the Railways earned INR 874.23 crore from moving10.58 million tonnes of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic users, INR 684.25 crore from 8.26 million tonnes of cement, and INR 575.88 crore from 3.71 million tonnes of food grains.

The public carrier also earned INR 478.98 crore from carrying 3.48 million tonnes of petroleum, oil and lubricants, INR 484.82 crore from 3.23 million tonnes of pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points, INR 489.75 crore from 4.39 million tonnes of fertilisers, INR 139.91 crore from 1.36 million tonnes of raw materials for steel plants except iron ore, INR 327.95 crore from 3.37 million tonnes by container service and INR 531.49 crore from 6.02 million tonnes of other goods, the data revealed.