Railways develops new fuel-efficient technology

New Delhi: The Indian Railways is in the process of developing a highly fuel efficient technology that will reduce fuel consumption by 4 per cent and also emissions by 20-30 per cent, a railway ministry official said on Monday.

The technology, Common Rail Electronic Direct Fuel Injection (CReDI) system will be introduced in the fleet of diesel locomotives. The final testing is being carried out at the large bore engine laboratory at Lucknow. Developed by Research Development Standard Organisation (RDSO), the research wing of the Railways, the technology will be produced through a joint venture by an Indian manufacturer with a Swiss firm, said the official.

In the long run, the complete manufacturing, assembly and testing of the CreDI system will be done in India, placing the country in the league of a few who possess capabilities to design and manufacture such sophisticated systems for large bore engines like locomotives, trucks, battle tanks etc.

Besides railways, many other domestic industries may gain from the technology, the official claimed. Common rail systems has been hailed world over for its ability to dramatically reduce fuel consumption of diesel vehicles.