Railways earning up by above 20%

Railways earnings increased by more than 20 per cent during April 2012 to February 2013 as compared to the same period in the previous fiscal.

Railways earned Rs 1,11,984.89 crore (Rs 1,119.84 billion) in April-February period as against to Rs 93,013.43 crore (Rs 930.13 billion) for the corresponding 10 months period in the last fiscal, registering an increase of 20.40 per cent.

The total goods earnings have gone up from Rs 62,174.53 crore (Rs 621.74 billion) during April 2011-February 2012 to Rs 77,372.90 crore (Rs 773.72 billion) during April 2012–February 2013, registering an increase of 24.44 per cent.

The total passenger earnings during the first ten months of the current fiscal were Rs 28,915.09 crore (Rs 289.15 billion) compared to Rs 25,858.04 crore (Rs 258.58 billion) during the same period last financial year, registering an increase of 11.82 per cent.

The earnings from other coaching amounted to Rs 2851.90 crore (Rs 28.51 billion) during April 2012-February 2013 compared to Rs 2580.33 crore (Rs 25.8 billion) during the same period last year, an increase of 10.52 per cent.

The total numbers of passengers booked during April-February period were 7803.42 million compared to 7586.63 million during the same period last year, showing an increase of 2.86 per cent.