Railways extend Quota for Senior Citizens, Females, Pregnant Women

senior citizens pregnant womenNew Delhi: In a relief to senior citizens, female passengers above the age of 45 and pregnant women, the Railways today decided to increase the lower-berth seat quota earmarked for them to four from the current two.

The increase, however, will not be applicable in the AC three tier and AC two tier coaches where the quota earmarked for them will remain at two for the lower berths.

“Recently, this accommodation earmarked in sleeper class has been enhanced to four lower berths per coach instead of two lower berths per coach as per earlier provision. There is, however, no change in the number of lower berths earmarked in 3AC and 2AC classes,” the Railways said in a statement.

The reservation quota of two lower berths per coach for these passengers in all trains with sleeping accommodation had come into force in 2007.

The move came following complaints received by the Railways that in case two senior citizens (husband and wife) booking berth under this quota, were denied this facility despite both passengers being senior citizens.

“It was, therefore, being requested that this facility should be provided even when two senior citizens are going together,” the statement said.

While earlier senior citizens/female passengers above the age of 45 years/pregnant women could book accommodation under this quota only when travelling alone but now they will be able to book accommodation even when two passengers of these categories are travelling, the statement added.


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