Railways, FCI partnership for storage space for food grains

NEW DELHI: Railways advised all the General Mangers to identify suitable space at all the designated locations to meet the demands of huge storage facilities in anticipation of heavy procurement of food grain by FCI in the upcoming procuring season.

Indian Railways and FCI have partnered to identify storage space within railways to accommodate buffer stocks of food grain.

Accordingly, zonal railways held various meeting with the General Managers of FCI units across the country in the last 3 months and issued instructions to jointly identify the sparable covered and uncovered storage space for stocking of food grain. Joint teams of FCI and Railways surveyed the vacant Railway Sheds and submitted a report so as to be well prepared for the procuring season.

The scope of work shall include systematic maintenance of FCI sidings at FSDs include:

Systematic Track Maintenance carried out round the year as per the practice followed on the Indian Railways and as per the specifications. The track fittings except Rails, Sleepers, Fish plates, Fish bolts, and points & crossings as per actual requirement is to be supplied by the contractor free of charge, for replacement of recoupment.

Emergency Works: Attending to emergency work such as Accidents, Washouts and rectification of damaged track, rerailment of wagons etc. as and when needed.

Special works: Deep Screening of track ballast, Rehabilitation of track, Sleeper Renewal, Rail Renewals, Earth work in formation, Repairs to banks and cuttings, Ballasting, Renewal of points & crossings.

Supply of P.Way Materials: If required by Engineer – In – Charge, the contractor shall arrange supply of following P.Way materials (other than rail), as per IRS specifications and at locations viz. Sleepers and fittings, Fish plates, Fish bolts, Stone Ballast etc.

Supply of extra manpower: If required for specified needs connected with the works of the Railway Siding in case of emergency or otherwise.

Food Corporation of India shall provide all permanent way materials like Rails, Sleepers, Points and Crossings with their fittings required for the works involved of the scope of work free of cost from their store. The contractor will make his own arrangements for drawl of materials from the stores of FCI, transporting to the contractors store and to site for renewals and transporting back the
released materials to FCI stores to be handed over with due accountable.

Through packing of Track shall consist of the following operations in sequence not more of the track on any day being opened put than can be efficiently repacked before closing of the work (for this purpose, the yard stick to be followed 1 & 12 sleepers per man per day. Accordingly the total number of sleepers tackled will be dependent upon the number of gang men present on the day) viz. Opening of road, Examination of rails, sleepers and fastenings, Squaring of sleepers, Slewing of sleepers, Guaging, Packing of sleepers, Repacking of joint sleepers and other inadequately packed sleepers, Boxing of ballast section and tidying, Through packing will be done from one end of a gang length towards the other continuously.