Railways fears use of Fake Notes while Ticket Booking

railways-countersNashik: Booking clerks fear that counterfeits can make it to the Railway coffers in the absence of any gadget to check the Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 used to buy train tickets.

To be on the safer side, they are urging people to write the numbers of notes on the reservation application forms. Apart from hospitals, Railways is turning out to be a major helpline for the people as it is accepting the the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes for current booking or expenses. All other utility services are accepting these notes only when people want to clear their arrears.

The Railway ticket bookings touched new records on November 9, a day after the demonetisation drive was announced. It was, however, back to the regular level by November 10. But the fear of fake notes being in circulation was palpable at the ticket booking counters.

“On a couple of occasions, our men spotted the duplicate notes and asked the consumers to replace those before issuing the tickets. Since the process has been smooth so far, no offence was registered. Since accepting the notes and giving those to somebody else mean a loss to the receiver, we stopped the money from being into circulation again,” a senior booking clerk at Nashik Road railway station said.

The officer said the Railways has asked every person requisitioning for reservation to write the complete number of the Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 denominations on the back of the application slips. He added that the officials had no gadget to identify the fake notes.

“All that we can is find out if a note is not fake on the basis of its appearance. If the notes have incorrect visuals, we can stop those. If a note appears improper, we refer to the application requisition forms to get back to the passenger. In case anybody fails to understand what is to be written on the application forms, we write down the numbers and get his or her signature on it,” the officer said.

He, however, admitted that the process is time consuming. “We have to tell a person to write the number of the notes on the application forms, get it done correctly and check it as well. All this takes time. But we cannot take chances now,” he said.


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