Railways fit select trains with bio-toilets

Nagpur: In a bid to comfort travellers in passenger trains, the Nagpur division of Central Railway has modified facilities aboard four trains. The trains include Nagpur-Amla, Amla-Betul, Amla-Chhindwara, and Chhindwara-Junnardeo.

Central Railway divisional manager (DRM) Brijesh Dixit on Tuesday said, “Following complaints many changes have been made in passenger coaches. These changes include improvised seats, tube lights, tail lamps, wash basins, water taps, fans, washrooms etc”

The seats have been made more layered and have backrests attached making them more comfortable. A special arrangement for handles has been made for handicapped passengers. Besides, efficient and modular tubelights have been used in place of the old incandescent ones which produced more heat than light.

Dixit further said that emergency safety lights have been installed. Number of rods on the window has been increased for safety and security. The new addition is eco-friendly bio-toilets or green-toilet in select coaches. These toilets will help keep the station clean.