Railways have decided to tone up Freight earnings

New Delhi:  The Railways have decided to tone up the freight trade to make up for the losses anticipated in the passenger segment.

An internal note says the authorities are concerned over revenue trends this financial, especially the shortfall in the passenger traffic earnings. Though the freight business too is causing the Railways anxiety, the authorities want to boost its earnings. The Railways have improved the loading aim to 1,073 million tonnes (mt) from the budgetary proposal of 1,050 mt. In 2012-13, the Railways carried more than 1,000 mt for the first time. The effort will be to exceed budget estimates by 23 mt.

As of now, the Railways are 2.01% off the earning aim of INR 91,738.27 crore as the falling freight and passenger businesses accounted for INR 89,339.64 crore in the first 8 months of the financial. The passenger segment earnings in November were down by 6% of the aim, and 10.95% for the April-November period. But the steep boost in cargo charges helped the Railways go past the target by 0.75%. The cargo earnings now stand at INR 60,150.41 crore. The movement of commodities also fell in October and November. Enhanced road connectivity is said to be the reason for the drop in short-distance traffic, forcing the Railways not to impose the fuel adjustment component on the passenger section.