Railways introduce “Online Web Based System” for Track Crossings Cases

Indian Railways has introduced “Online Web Based System for Track Crossing” Cases recently. With a view to streamline and make the system user friendly, o­nly o­nline applications will be accepted for Way Leave Facilities / Easement Rights from concerned parties / applicants seeking track crossing with effect from 1stApril, 2015.

Track Crossings generally involve Way Leave Facilities / Easement Rights o­n Railway Land for which parties / applicants make an application for occasional or limited use of Railway land for a specified purpose like passage etc., without conferring upon the party / applicant any right of possession or occupation of land or without in any way affecting the Railways title, possession, control and use of the land.  The parties can be the members of the Public, State Government etc., who seek crossing by means of pipeline, Culvert, Box, Road Over / Under Bridge etc., for any civic necessity / developmental work.

The parties / applicants should submit the application o­nline logging o­n to the web site “https://ircep.gov.in/WLRMS/”, where in guide lines filling and downloading of applications & other details will be available.