Railways loses Rs.80 Crore Revenue to Gujjar Agitation

New Delhi: Indian Railways has lost Rs 80 crore revenue in last five days due to cancellation of nearly 164 passenger and freight trains owing to ongoing Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan demanding reservation. Train services are also affected due to diversion of some trains which is also causing revenue loss.

According to Railways, 18-20 passenger trains and freight trains are cancelled every day on the route connecting western part to the northern India. Gujjars have been blocking the rail track in Bharatpur district amid a stand-off with the government over their demand for five percent reservation.

The railways said that cancellation of one train costs them Rs 15 lakh and worse part is that freight trains are also affected thus stopping supplies of various items. Indian Railways is already struggling to get financial support from private players and industry but with its core services paralyzed for nearly a week will affect the revenue generation.

The Western railways, which is worst affected, said that the revenue collection per day has dipped by Rs 12-15 crore as around 15-20 trains, including freight trains are getting cancelled in the zone.

“It would have been a bit less hard hitting had only passenger services been affected. But unfortunately, freight services have also been cancelled which has added to our concerns,” said an official.

Among trains cancelled so far were August Kranti Rajdhani Express, Golden Temple Mail, Mumbai Central-New Delhi Duronto Express, Mumbai Central-Firozpur Janta Express while dozens of trains are running behind schedule or are being operated through diverted routes.

Few trains such as Rajdhani Express and Paschim Express are being run through diverted routes, causing delays by over 8 to 10 hours. Western Railways has launched helplines, set up special refund counters and assistance booths at major stations, including Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus, for the convenience of passengers.