Railway’s provide helping hand to Kerala, run Drinking Water Special Trains from Pune

Water tanker being loaded at Pune

PUNE: Railways has always done its duty in times of natural calamities to help society. Because of the floods in Kerala, daily life has been thrown out of gear. Because of the problem of drinking water in Kerala, the Railways has taken a decision to send water in tanker wagons to Kayankulam Junction.

Thus, In order to ensure supply of Potable water expeditiously to Kerala, Indian Railways is lending a helping hand.

From Pune Division of Central Railway, 29 tanker wagons (BTPN) (14 from Pune and 15 from Ratlam) loaded with clean drinking water are being moved from Pune today afternoon. In Pune, 15 HP pump installed in quick time with temporary Pipelines laid to fill these wagons immediately. Fire brigade of Pune city too, helped.

7 lakh litre of water filled in at Pune and 7.5 lakh litres of water filled in Ratlam after the water was successfully tested as potable.

Water tankers being loaded at Pune