Railways step up Measures to avoid another stampede at Charbagh

Lucknow (LKO): Keeping in mind the stampede that occurred 12 years back in 2002 at Charbagh railway station after the Bahujan Samaj Party rally, the Northern Railway (NR) and North Eastern Railway (NER) have made arrangements for crowd management for the party workers who are coming to attend the BSP rally on Wednesday.

The Railways has given space for parking buses near the railway stations so that the workers can easily board the buses and other passengers don’t face hardships.

The NR will take seven trains on Platform number 1 at Charbagh Railway Station. While four trains will be taken at Alamnagar Railway Station. Similarly, NER will take all the eight trains on platform number 1 and 2.

“To avert stampede in such a massive crowd, the best way is to avoid usage of Foot over Bridges (FOBs). We are taking all the trains on platform number 1 so that the workers do not use FOBs and could easily exit the railway station to board their buses,” said Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr DCM), NR-Lucknow, Ashwini Srivastava.

Apart from this railway officials will remain on their toes throughout the day, to avert any mishap.They would be patrolling the platforms to ensure safety of passengers.

“Along with our railway officials, the BSP coordinators will remain on the platforms where special trains will arrive to vacate it as soon it arrives. From there they would be taken towards buses that would leave for the rally venue,” said Divisional Railway

Manager (DRM) NER-Lucknow, Anoop Kumar. After the rally gets over, the workers going by trains would be brought to Northern Railway Stadium and they would be allowed to leave for platform when their respective trains will be placed on platforms.

“There would be two gates for leaving the stadium one would be for Lucknow Junction Railway Station and other for Charbagh Railway Station. They will leave along with their coordinators only.

“Apart from this there will be arrangement of announcement for the special trains In the stadium,” said Ashwini Srivastava.