Railways Territorial Army: 17 Railway Workers martyred by Pakistani Army on 8th Sept 1965 who blew up Railway line

A reminiscences of the past – when this Terrier from Railway’s Territorial Army saved the day for Army in service of the Nation!

GADRA ROAD: During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, it was the heroics of railways engine driver of Jodhpur that saved the day for the Indian army. If Shri Krishna Sharma, despite heavy bombardment, had not provided ammunition and logistics to the Indian army it would not have been so easy to win the war against Pakistan.

Not only this, 17 railway workers gave their lives by fixing the damaged Gadra road rail track in one day despite heavy bombing by Pakistanis. During the war in the Gadra sector of Barmer, Pakistani army had captured Munabao on 8th September 1965 and blew up the railway line going to the Gadra road.

A Pakistani soldier at the captured Munabao Railway Station belonging to India during 1965 war.

The Indian army stationed in Gadara was facing shortage of ammunition and logistics as the supply lines were completely cut off. Regardless of the heavy bombardment of the Pakistan Air Force, the railway staff, repaired the track and restored the supplies. However, 17 railway workers were martyred in the bombardment. Risking his life, Jodhpur’s rail pilot Shri Krishna Sharma despite the bombing made sure that the the train full of ammunition and a logistic reach Gadra. This bravery of Sharma helped the Indian army reach Gadra city and push the Pakistani army back to reoccupy Munabao.

However, during his lifetime Sharma was not honoured for this bravery and service to the nation.

Manoj Parihar of North Western Railway Employees Union said Shaheed Mela and tribute meeting will be organised at Gadra road.

Sri Krishna Sharma was an embodied servant in the Territorial Army of Indian Railways and had an exciting and disciplined Regimental life all along his career with Indian Railways. He served on most critical International Border areas viz.Munabao-Barmar-Samdhari, Jaisalmer-Pokhran-Phedusar, Lalgarh-Samratgarh sections in Rajasthan as part of various exercises. He had an opportunity to be part in the rarest of the rare job viz.Joint Operation by Indian Army & Indian Railways deploying Surface-to-Surface Missile “Agni” aboard trains. Exposure to Army through Territorial Army while in Railway service gave him necessary discipline, courage, focus and strategy to deal with most complex decision making process in various projects”, he said before his departure to duty on that day.

A Pakistani flag seen hoisted on the Kishangarh Fort, Rajasthan after brutally killing 17 Indian Railway workers. It was a huge Tank Battle where 50,000 Indian Army soldiers pierced into Pakistan Army for all-out assault and recaptured Munabao Railway Station back to its control.