Railways to explore modern tech to detect Rail fractures

New Delhi: Faced with increased number of derailments, the Indian Railways will explore possibilities of acquiring advanced system for rail fracture detection and track monitoring to enhance safety.

Aiming at augmenting the pace of modernized technological adaptations, the Research and Development Standards Organization (RDSO) of the Railways will hold a two-day global technology conference here next month.

With four lead thrust areas – safety, reliability, capacity enhancement and customer service, the meet beginning from May 3 envisages bringing in new perspectives and insights in planning for future rail transportation growth in the country and for assessing contemporary global technologies relevant to adoption.

Several experts from rail transportation development and allied technological industries, academia and research fraternity across the world are slated to deliver presentations and interact with experts of Indian Railways for identification of appropriate cutting edge technologies and systems available worldwide for adaptation.

Besides safety, the conference will also explore on capacity enhancement, congestion reduction and enhanced customer service.