Railways to install GPS Trackers in Push Trolleys to monitor Tracks

Installation of the GPS will ensure proper Monitoring of the Track Inspection by Section Engineers as well as by Trackmen

BANGALORE: With repeated derailments mostly due to defective tracks, the railway ministry has decided to install GPS trackers in all hand-pushed trolleys used to inspect the tracks.

“The board has decided that all push trolleys should be numbered and installed with GPS trackers for effective monitoring of safety inspections of track and that the installation should be completed within one month period,” said a railway board letter to zonal railways.

The letter also stated that a computer, dedicated to keeping a record of the tracking system, will be installed at divisional engineering controls.

Installation of the GPS will ensure proper monitoring of the track inspection by sector engineering as well as by trackmen.

Physical track maintenance involved around two lakh trackmen and gangmen who carry 15 kg of equipment and walk along tracks checking for defects.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, who chaired a high-level meeting on Thursday, also decided to replace all defective tracks on a priority basis.