Railways to introduce Centralised Traffic Control system on the Delhi-Kanpur route

New Delhi: Railways will soon switch over to Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) system on the highly congested Delhi-Kanpur route to make the operations faster.

We are introducing Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) system between Delhi and Kanpur and the new system will be operationalised shortly, Member (Electrical), Railway Board, Navin Tandon said here today.

Delhi-Kanpur segment is one of the heavily congested routes of Railways and train-routing decisions are still being carried out by local signal operators, station masters and train crew members.

All traffic controls will be integrated at a single location using modern technology in the CTC which will make the operation faster saving time, he said. The system is expected to be introduced in other routes in due course.

Emphasising on clean energy, Tandon said efforts are on to produce 1000 MW solar power in the next five years. Railways is a major energy consumer and we want to generate adequate new and renewable energy, he said.  Rooftops of railway buildings, surplus land near the track and stations can be used for harnessing solar power for Railways. Besides, wind energy is also another option for railways to produce green energy. We have plans for setting up windmills at various places, he said.

For passenger benefits, Railways is installing 100 escalators and 100 lifts at different stations. We will install 100 escalators and 100 lifts at stations in the current year, he said.

On WiFi, he said all major stations will be equipped with this facility.