Railways to plan for Crowd Management for Magh Mela

Allahabad (ALD): To ensure safety of passengers during the coming Magh Mela, railway administration has made plans for proper crowd management. In this connection, entry will be permitted only through certain gates.

There are about five gates at the Civil Lines side of Allahabad railway junction for the movement of the passengers and vehicles. However, during the mela period, gate number 8, 9 and 11 will be permanently closed. Gate number 7 and gate number 10 has two lanes. One of the lanes of these two gates will remain closed one day prior and one day after the main bathing day while one of the lane will remain open. Exit of passengers from Allahabad railway junction will be allowed through these gates but entry of the passengers through these gates will be restricted.

On the city side of the Allahabad railway junction, gate number 1 will be closed while gate number 2 will remain open. In addition to this, VIP gate will also be closed. Entry and exit of passengers through gate number 3, 4 and 5 will be allowed. Tickets will be sold near gate number 4. Gate number 6 located near post office will be opened for the movement of RPF personnel.

For meeting emergency situations, one stretcher will be placed at every platform of the Allahabad railway junction. Further, about 4 to 5 ambulances will be placed on the Civil Lines side of the Allahabad junction to meet any eventuality. Arrangements of first aid have also been provided at the junction.