Railways to submit its Report on Andheri Bridge collapse to CRS today

MUMBAI: Deadline for the Commissioner of Railway Safety to submit his report on Andheri bridge collapse ends tomorrow. Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had stated that the CRS will submit his report within 15 days of the collapse at Andheri, which occurred on July 3. However, the Western Railway (WR) has not taken any action on its own scathing report based on the collapse of a portion of Khokhara road over bridge near Kankariya in Ahmedabad in October 2015.

The CRS Sushil Chandra presided over public hearings where people in-know of the collapse were called to testify. Moreover, several visits were made to Andheri station and the Gokhale bridge. Sources said that his report will now go to the Railway Board to decide on further action, however, also claimed that such reports normally bite the dust.

“A woman has lost her life in the Andheri bridge collapse. Sadly no action was taken based on reports submitted after the Ahmedabad bridge collapse. We will see what happens to the report submitted by CRS now,” said a senior WR official.

For instance, the report regarding the Ahmedabad bridge collapse had clearly stated that the cables passing through these east-west bridges, need to be removed across WR. It’s been three years now, no action was taken. The report had also stated that there is malpractice when it comes to maintenance of registers of bridges, which were found missing. Moreover, the engineers are not carrying out mandatory inspection, is what the report states.

The earlier report had also found that the engineering and bridge department was needed to inspect if cables are passing over the bridges. It had assigned responsibilities as well to specify designations from these departments, which seems to have missed in the case of Andheri bridge collapse.