Railways UTS Mobile App gradually gaining popularity among users

The UTS App allows passengers to book Suburban Railway Tickets and General Tickets within ten minutes. In this app, passengers deposit money in their R-wallets and book single-journey ticket or generate, renew passes.

NEW DELHI: The UTS (unreserved ticketing system) app of Indian Railways for mobile ticketing, which is gradually becoming popular among frequent railway passengers for ticket booking contributes 1% to the total suburban tickets booked. The pace at which mobile applications are gaining worldwide popularity, most of us are getting more and more dependent on our smartphones and computers for most of our regular activities like shopping, ticket booking as well as socializing. According to Railways, the Central zone as well as the Western zone of Indian Railways, see nearly 80,000 to 1 lakh daily average commuters using mobile tickets.

A railway official was quoted in the report saying that more than single journey tickets, the railways is witnessing huge response from season ticket pass holders, renewing their passes on the mobile application. The app also allows users to book both paper as well as paperless tickets. The official also said that the option of quick response code allows a railway passenger to print the booked tickets on the app after reaching the railway station.

Some of the features and benefits of the UTS Mobile App are as under:

  1. Available on Android, IOS & Window based smartphones.
  2. All unreserved and season tickets can be booked.
  3. Simplified App with ‘Quick booking’ option.
  4. QR code scan option for booking tickets in station premises (QR code sticker available at all entry points )
  5. Options for both paperless and paper ticket (through ATVM or booking window) available.
  6. Dedicated Customer Care on no.138.
  7. Recharge can be done from any suburban booking window, through inbuilt “R-Wallet” or through payment gateway with PayTM, Mobiquik, Freecharge.
  8. Additional bonus travel value on each recharge of 5% till 23.08.2018
  9. Ticket can be shown to checking staff even if Internet is not available.

The UTS app allows passengers to book suburban railway tickets within ten minutes. In this app, passengers deposit money in their R-wallets and book single-journey ticket or generate, renew passes. Other than the mobile ticketing, which is gradually gaining popularity, there are other options as well to book suburban railway tickets such as Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) and Jan Sadharan Ticket booking Sevak (JTBS).

According to a senior railway official, the passenger has to be within 2 km from the railway station. The nearest railway station will be tracked by the GPS, mapping the passenger’s position. However, the tickets can’t not be booked inside the railway station as the app could be misused, the official added. For mobile ticketing, the user has to first register himself/herself. Once the registration is complete, the user can book a railway ticket from the UTS app provided they are in proximity to the railway station.

Interestingly, the UTS app also records frequent routes taken by the passenger in order to facilitate his/her next ticket booking. With the help of this app, passengers can also book platform tickets as well as season tickets. Regular railway passengers, who have used the app for over six months period, said that the railways has improved the mobile app on many counts, however, a lot could be still done.