Raipur DRM’s Mindless Act: Woman Clerk who refused to sing Duet with Boss gets Show Cause Notice, Transfer Order

A Divisional Railway Manager posted in Raipur Division of SECR misused his powers to punish a women clerk who refused to sing few duet songs with a Boss. Reason being very simple – she was unprepared of those specific ask (songs)! This act of DRM/Raipur shows his misuse of powers beyond his jurisdiction!

RAIPUR: Not ready to sing duet songs with your boss in the Railways? Then, be prepared to face the music. A woman clerk in Bilaspur Railway Zone has been shunted out and a show cause notice has been slapped on her for refusing to sing few duet songs to be sung with General Manager during a get-together function.

While ‘few’ Railway officials argue that the women employee, appointed under ‘cultural quota’ cannot refuse to obey instructions, Railway employees unions are all set to raise the issue with National Women’s Commission.

The issue came to light after women senior clerk was issued a show cause notice, stating that “on January 15, during the final rehearsal for cultural program, failed to obey instructions of DRM, Raipur, in connection with preparations of a few duet songs to sing with general manager during a get-together function organised on January 16.”

“During the said programme on January 16, when South East Central Railway (SECR) general manager expressed his desire to sing a particular song, you flatly refused to sing the duet song saying that you have not come with preparations to sing the song. You being an employee appointed under cultural quota cannot suppose to refuse to perform when clear instructions in advance were given by DRM, Raipur”, the notice read. The notice also said this showed her irresponsible attitude towards work and DRM has taken a serious view of the incident, adding that thus she has committed gross misconduct and failed to maintain absolute devotion towards her duty.

The notice says that the woman clerk concerned has “failed in maintaining the devotion to duty and she is supposed to do nothing unbecoming of a railway servant. Thus she has contravened the provisions of Rule 3 (ii) (iii) of Railway Servants (Conduct) rules 1966 and thereby rendered herself liable for disciplinary action under Railway Servants (Discipline and Service) Rules 1968 as amended from time to time.”

“Cultural Quota appointments were introduced in the State and Central Government Services so as to only promote and empower the individuals with specific Skillsets in the Indian Culture and Traditions viz. Indian Classical Music (Carnatic and Hindustani forms), Indian Classical Dance (Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Odishi etc.) and various different other cultural forms as well. The individuals appointed so in the Government services are not obliged or doesn’t have to necessarily perform at the behest of any Railway Official to whom he/she reports; as those individuals are considered as important national resources and Government has sufficient acts and rules to protect and safeguard the individuals in Cultural/Sports and other fields.  Government has all rights to protect them in all forms for their empowerment – be it financial, societal, employment, security and patronage”, leave alone the dignity and respect they deserve.

Sources said the get-together function was organised in connection with the send-off of Bilaspur Zone general manager Satyendra Kumar, who is attaining superannuation by the end of this month.

In general, it is a standard practice that any individual in cultural activities has to practice specific subject or specific ask in advance only then the inner conformity of the performance gains in that particular individual.  Even in Cricket and other drama, sports, teaching etc. individuals practice well in advance so that they can perform well.  Otherwise their intuition does not permit them to perform those specifics.  Herein this case, Anjali Tiwari is not known as to what GM is going to sing.  And an instant instruction to perform an “unknown specific ask” prompted her to answer that she was unprepared for the same.  This is very general and common in any areas/subjects.  This DRM does not understand such basic things and gone overboard to issue SF-11 on the poor women employee.  And, it is to be noted that the performance aspects in cultural areas are subject to various criteria like advance practice, involvement, physical/emotional readiness, encouragement and the circumstances prevailing at that particular time of performance. An artist cannot perform even without a single criteria.

DRM/Raipur should have exhibited more magnanimity worth of his position instead of being more egoistic and emotional here in this case. He has much more to do on the Safety and Security aspects in Raipur Division instead of pulling feathers on the egg.  Zonal Administration should note the same in right earnest.

Meanwhile, a railway spokesman said in Bilaspur that the matter of issuing such a charge-sheet to women clerk concerned has come to the notice of general manager, who has promised to take appropriate steps to rectify it.

Surprisingly, a Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) Cadre officer holding the post of Divisional Railway Manager doesn’t even know the spelling of the word “CONFIDENTIAL” in SF-11 issued in which it was stated as “CONFIETNTIAL“, which has become a laughing stock among the key Railway circles. An other official in JAG cadre who doesn’t want to be quoted of his name on SECR HQ said “this speaks about his literary skills, emotional quotient and worthiness for his position for the post”.