Raipur Railway Division posts highest Freight Tonnage for 2014-15

Raipur (R): The financial year 2014-15 was happening for Raipur Railway division of the South East Central Railway (SECR). The PP Yard of Raipur division maintained 7301 wagon and 206 racks and boxes during the year 2014-15 which is highest across all Railway divisions in India, officials informed on Monday.

Officials further informed that in fiscal 2014-15, Raipur Railway division loaded 31.85 million tonnes of freight which is highest since the formation of Raipur division. During the past five years, Railway division has earned Rs11.78 crore from non conventional sources, officials said.

This year, 28 new diesel GM Locomotives were released on track and 128 engines were inspected on electric loco-sheds. For beginning third line in Silyari electronic interlinking single system was also booted, they informed.

According to Railway officials for proper operations of trains 3422 additional running staff were posted on duty. New LED lights were installed in Raipur Railway station and a 10 KW Solar Power Plant was also established. For improving public facility every soon RO Water would be available.

Detailing about new recruitments made by Raipur division, officials said in all 705 new employees were selected for Raipur division out of which 364 were appointed on respective posts.  About 37 appointments on compassionate grounds was also done while 1004 employees were promoted.