RDSO successfully completes Oscillation Trials for Lucknow Metro

LUCKNOW: RDSO (Research Design and Standards Organisation) announced to have successfully completed oscillation trials for Lucknow Metro on March 9, 2017. These trials were completed ahead of scheduled date of completion of trials which was scheduled till March 21 including the holidays of Holi and Mahashivaratri.

As per existing procedure for approval of opening of a metro, approval of railway ministry is required based on successful completion of oscillation trials by RDSO and subsequent safety inspection by the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety. Lucknow Metro officials said that metro train in Lucknow can be open for public use only after railway safety commissioner gives his nod to it. “His approval will depend on RDSO’s certificate obtained after from reports of testing and also largely on his own inspection during full speed trials”, they said.

These tests were conducted at design speed of trains which is 90 km per hour. The test was conducted with empty trains without any passenger load and with passenger load equivalent to crush loading of 8 passengers per square meter. To simulate passenger load, huge numbers of sand bags equivalent to about 80 tones per train were loaded in train.

During the oscillation test different parameters for safe running of trains including behavior of bogie on curve, braking characteristics were tested. Different mechanical parameters to test comfortable ride were also examined by the RDSO during trials.

Earlier RDSO has given design approval of metro trains while giving speed certificate to conduct oscillation trials up to 90 km per hour. After completion of trials on line, test results are cross examined by RDSO before forwarding it to the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS).

Officials said, “Complete test reports along with detailed safety examination report based on separately conducted inspection on site by CMRS are then forwarded to Ministry of Railway for approval.”