Real-time status of Central Railway trains on Mobiles

Mumbai: MUMBAI: You can now check the arrival and departure status of 825 of CR’s Mainline services in real time, from your smart phone or your personal computer.

Updates on all of Central Railway’s Mainline services can be accessed by logging on to the website, which already provides real-time train running status of mail/express trains across India. “The user has to enter the station name or a code on the website. It automatically leads to a page that provides a list of services which will leave in the next two hours from that destination. The user then has to click on any one service from the list to obtain the train running status and estimated arrival time of the service at stations enroute. The page is automatically refreshed every two minutes,” CR’s General Manager Mukesh Nigam told.

However, in the absence of any Android application, users will have to access the website from their internet browsers.

CR also plans to put up big screens at stations that will reflect the train running status at several destinations. At present, both CR and Western Railway have a Train Management System (TMS) which helps real-time monitoring of trains in the control room. The actual countdown of trains in minutes is displayed at stations, with announcements.

Real-time updates on the website could be activated once the suburban network between Lonavala-CST and Igatpuri-CST was integrated with the Control Office Application (COA). The COA plans and controls the movement of scheduled and unscheduled trains through a computer-aided interface. It also enables passengers to track the movement of long-distance trains through the railway website or the enquiry number 139.

The integration of the suburban network is a challenging task as local trains run on four corridors with an average frequency of four minutes, while long-distance trains operate only on two corridors.

Heading: Relief For Commuters

How It Works

Select the ‘station’ option on

Enter the stations from where you need to check arrival and departure

You will be redirected to a list of trains scheduled to depart in next two hours

Select a specific train and you will get its real-time status, expected arrival time at the station and actual arrival time at the preceding station


The information will help commuters alter their travel plans if a train is delayed or cancelled

Commuters currently can access the actual countdown for a train in minutes only after reaching the station.