Reasons to Join the Luxurious Palace on Wheels

For most of us, traveling is a luxury. You will need to book air tickets, accommodations, pay for guide fees, and look of the best places to eat in. All of these don’t come for free, and most of the time traveling entails you to spend your hard earned money for an experience you will never forget.

When we talk of luxury travel, nothing beats luxury on the move than the Palace on Wheels. This luxury train in India knows what the rich and famous want, and what works best for the elite in the society. Is it worth it to pay for an extremely high price for an overnight stay at this expensive train ride?

A One of a Kind Experience

The Palace on Wheels is probably one of the fewest places on earth where you will experience the Indian culture all aboard a train created to treat its passengers like kings. This train is considered as the oldest luxury train in India and has started its operations in 1982 and since then it has been providing passengers with a glimpse of how it is to be the rich and famous.

Taking the train is like getting inside a time machine. The entire experience will take you a step back in time as you traverse through Rajasthan and through the different cities you will be passing by. Its usual route is a trip from Delhi and passes through Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittogarh, Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Agra. It leaves Delhi at 4pm and arrives back at Delhi after seven nights on the road.

What to Expect

The Palace on Wheels defines wealth and riches and is definitely something that each one of us should experience. The entire train is composed on 14 carriages which are all named after one of the cities in Rajasthan. Each coach is an exact replica of a coach once owned by one of the kings of Rajasthan. There are also two restaurants and a bar inside. The entire train is decorated with velvety curtains, traditional elite Indian style, and various Rajasthani Art.

Is it worth all that Money?

Of course. Why? Because you don’t find anything like Palace on Wheels anywhere in the world. It might cost you more compared to just going to another tourist destination, but this is once in a lifetime and if you have just enough money to reserve a room, do it now!