Repair Works on Kharagpur-Tatanagar section affects Trains movement

टाटानगर Tatanagar (TATA): Movement of passenger and goods trains on Kharagpur-Tatanagar section of South-Eastern Railway was affected on Sunday owing to repair work on tracks between Chakulia and Kokpara.

Sources said the repair work, which is called a mega block in railway parlance, started around 7am and continued till 5pm. Besides tracks, the overhead high-tension cable was also repaired.

The work affected movement of Titlagarh-bound Ispat Express, which was delayed by around half an hour after reaching Tatanagar station. Movement of Kharagpur-Tatanagar passenger train was also affected and it left Kharagpur after 8.45am, 35 minutes behind schedule.

The Howrah-Ghatshila MEMU train was short-terminated at Chakulia. It resumed its return journey from Chakulia station instead of Ghatshila. The schedule of Howrah-Barbil Janshatabdi Express was, however, not affected. The train left on time and on its usual route.

Station manager of Tatanagar Awtar Singh confirmed that the mega block affected train movement. “Normal train services on Kharagpur-Tatanagar section are expected to be restored late in the evening,” he said, adding that the railways had taken necessary precautions to ensure that passengers were not inconvenienced.

Nevertheless, the rail block did cause woes. Ashish Kundu, a resident of Moon City in Mango, had planned to board the Ispat Express to Calcutta with his family. However, after receiving news of the mega block, he cancelled his trip. “As I knew about the block in advance, I preferred not to travel to Calcutta. I did not want to take any risk,” said Kundu.

Railway officials said a similar railway block was undertaken at the washing line at Tatanagar for six hours on Saturday.

During the rail block, which commenced at 8am, originating trains were made to halt near the loco shed instead of the washing line, where they went for cleaning and refilling water tanks.

A similar block had taken place at Tatanagar for about 16 hours in November last year during which tracks were repaired.

During that rail block, several local passenger trains had to be short-terminated either in Adityapur at the Chakradharpur end or in Salghajhuri at the Howrah end.