Residents demand Police Picket at Adityapur Railway Station

Adityapur (ADTP): Incidents of petty crimes like chain-snatching and thefts are on the rise at Adityapur Railway Station. The situation has risen to the extent that the residents have started raising demand for police picket at the station.

Adityapur Railway Station is located on Tata-Gamharia Section in the Chakradharpur railway division about four kilometres away from the Tatanagar station. About 3,000 people visit the Adityapur station every day.

However, absence of a railway police picket at Adityapur Railway Station has made life difficult for the passengers as they feel in lurch during the time of crime. Concerned over the situation, a group of Adityapur residents met the superintendent of railway police (SRP), Tatanagar to demand for a police picket near the railway station.

Led by Om Prakash, president of Jan Kalyan Morcha, a local NGO, residents met the SRP, Mrityunjay Kishore at the office in Tatanagar and demanded him to recommend for the police picket at the earliest.

The SRP assured the delegation of residents that he would soon visit the area and send a proposal to the State home department and also to the South Eastern Railway’s headquarters in Kharagpur for the necessary step.

It may be mentioned that the Adityapur railway station was set up in the year 2002 when only local passenger trains would stop there.  At present, about 30 trains stop here including most of the Bihar-bound trains.

“We are concerned over the cases of petty crime. Though over two dozen trains halt there for the passenger service, there is no police picket as a result of which the passengers reaching at the station or getting out of the trains do not feel secure during night.  Several incidents of petty crimes have taken place place,” said Om Prakash.

Another resident said that as a number of goods trains belonging to Tata Steel is halted there due to which thieves remain active round the clock in stealing goods from the stationary goods trains.

“Due to cases of crime and lack of railway police at the Adityapur station, passengers prefer to travel to the Tatanagar station instead of catching trains at Adityapur itself.  Had there been a police picket the people would feel secure and would not have to cover so long for catching the trains,” noted the resident.