Respite for Railways and BMC as Bandh in Mumbai eases pressure around Delisle bridge

MUMBAI: After pedestrians went through a nightmare to access Lower Parel station from the east on Tuesday during peak hours, the authorities made better arrangements the day after even as civic and rail officials met to work out a solution for the difficulties caused by Delisle bridge’s closure. Luckily, for them, Wednesday’s bandh seemed to have given them a one-day grace period as fewer motorists and commuters took to the road. A true test of the efficacy of the authorities’ measures will be on Thursday, when vehicular and commuter traffic is expected to be normal.

“The situation around Delisle bridge on Wednesday had improved a lot compared to Tuesday. Additional security personnel were posted on Lower Parel station’s platforms, its north foot overbridge (which is the one most in use) and on the narrow Datta Ahire Marg—the lane under the bridge that commuters have been taking to reach the station’s east to cross over to the west since the bridge’s closure,” said Sarwang Sarmalkar, an accountant. “Constant announcements were made at the railway station about the various entries and exits to it. Security personnel kept prodding commuters to keep moving and not block anyone’s path.”

Motorists who had to take along detour to reach their offices in the Lower Parel commercial district said there was minimal congestion on Wednesday. “Most roads were free of traffic due to the bandh. So, we reached office on time,” said Abhinn Shreshta, who works in an office at Phoenix Mill. “There was minor congestion outside the erstwhile mill complex, but nothing apart from that.”