Jewel of Indian Railways – Rewari Heritage Steam Locomotive Museum

Rewari Heritage Steam Locomotive Museum is the only surviving steam loco shed in India and houses some of India’s last surviving steam locomotives. Built in 1893, it was the only loco shed in North India for a long time and a part of the track connecting Delhi with Peshawar. After steam engines were phased out by 1990, the loco shed remained in neglect for many years before it was decided by Indian Railways in December 2002 to revive it as a heritage museum.  The shed was refurbished as a heritage tourism destination, its heritage edifice was restored and a museum exhibiting Victorian-era artefacts used on the Indian rail network, along with the old signalling system, gramophones and seats was added. The refurbished heritage museum was opened in October 2010. The engines will also be available for live demonstrations.

Rewari steam loco shed, being the only surviving repository of steam locos in India housing some of India’s last surviving steam locomotives, has become an ideal choice for filmmakers. The Rewari steam locos have been rented out for various film shoots and a part of the film Gandhi, My Father was shot here.