Roadway through Indrakeeladri Hill most likely to be dug to give way for Vijayawada Metro Rail

APTransco estimates 10 to 15 MW of power for the project

Vijayawada (BZA): A second tunnel, close to the existing one, facilitating roadway through Indrakeeladri, is most likely to be dug to give way for the proposed Vijayawada Metro Rail, according to reliable sources in APTransco. However, the tunnel will be far away from the Kanakadurga temple to avoid controversies, the source said.

“The tunnel proposal has not yet been officially documented, but it is certainly on the cards. Transco is working out its plans, including expansion of the sub-station abutting the Pundit Nehru Bus Station,” said a top official at APTransco. He added that the digging of the tunnel was inevitable, and that its exit point was most likely to be at Kummaripalem centre.

He also hinted at the imminent public resistance to the project on account of the tunnel cutting through the densely populated areas in the city. If this conflict situation is to be avoided, the Metro route itself has to be altered, which is difficult under the present circumstances, he observed.

APTransco is bracing to meet the power requirement for the Metro Rail project, which is estimated to be between 10 and 15 Mega Watts. The DMRC has to choose between underground cables and overhead lines from Transco’s supply points. It depends on the cost factor and other logistical issues, according to him.

The department is taking steps to open supply points at Gunadala, Ganguru and Krishnalanka (near Pandit Nehru Bus Station) and laying additional lines, if necessary, through an underground tunnel, which is proposed to be dug between Indrakeeladri and the existing tunnel at Chittinagar. However, the exact location of the proposed tunnel is yet to be spotted.

The representatives of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), which has been entrusted with the job of preparing the Detailed Project Report, inquired about the availability of power infrastructure in a recent meeting with top officials of Transco in the city.

Transco officials offered to provide sourcing / supply points at the above locations and do other things that may be required by the DMRC. However, they are waiting for clarity on the location of the second tunnel from which the power lines have to be connected to the grid