Robbery Bid foiled in Varanasi-Ranchi Express again

Latehar (LTHR):  Two train robberies — one in December 26 in the Varanasi-Ranchi intercity Express train and the other on January 6 in the same train again — had pushed the GRP back to the wall in the wake of great public uproar. The officer-in-charge of GRP Daltonganj R Singh was replaced with TK Jha. This January 16 there could have been another robbery in the same train between Daltonganj and Latehar railway stations. However it was aborted. When approached, Superintendent of Railway Police (SRP) Dhanbad Prashant Karan to know as to how this attempt to loot Varanasi-Ranchi intercity express train on January 16 Thursday night, he said it was frustrating to know the incident.

It is said that there was an attempt to loot the train on Thursday night?

Yes, six robbers were on this sinister mission. We caught two with pistol who told us about the four others in the same train but before we could lay hands on them they  fled from the bogie.

But how did you know the robbery was to be done in this train on January 16 night?

The GRP had caught one train robber earlier, Krishna Singh who informed us of this robbery. So, we were alert and caught two of the six. The train police escort party however has changed its strategy now.

The robbers travel under the guise of passengers. But where do they keep these weapons?

These two whom the GRP caught — Dilip Bhuiyan and Dinesh Parhaiyya — had railway tickets for Latehar. They do this to avoid any harassment during checking. The weapons are kept either in shawls or in the inner wear which is hardly noticed during winters.