RPF beefs up Security and Surveillance at Mumbai CST after Constant terror threats

छत्रपति शिवाजी टर्मिनस, मुंबई Mumbai CSTM: The Railway Police Force (RPF) has decided to beef up security from August 1 at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus due to constant terror threats.The two Railway Police Special Force (RPSF) teams consisting of three personnel are already located at the suburban and outstation section, but since they are stationary officials, they are concerned that they will be sitting ducks if another attack like 26/11 recurs.

“These two RPSF teams that have three people per team but they are stationary and do not move around at all, so we thought that we will make them a combination of mobile and stationary,” said Central Railways RPF chief security commissioner.

“At first, two from the three will go around and patrol their section among the three zones, that is, suburban, outstation and circulating area. They will coordinate during their rounds with personnel who will be monitoring the CCTV footage,” said Mr Singh.

The RPF has also asked for 400 commandos but has received only 100 men three months ago.  There will also be an addition of commandos who are much more physically able to take quick action during a security emergency.

“We will deploy two teams consisting of two commandos like a buddy system and a canine will also be provided for both the units who will be patrolling the entire station during morning and evening peak hours,” said Mr Singh, adding, “CST is an iconic heritage structure. To add to that, the station still sees a very high footfall of passengers,” added Singh.The force also plans to replicate its CST security plan at Kalyan station.