RPF, Cops rescue kidnapped minor girl from Dakshin Express

NAGPUR: Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the city police moved fast on Wednesday to rescue a 10-year-old girl from her kidnapper after tracing them to the Dakshin Express at Betul. Meenakshi Dudhe had been kidnapped by Harish Ghongle, who was taking her to Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.

Nandanvan police swung into action after the Dudhe family from Nandanvan slums approached then to complain about the abduction of their eldest daughter late on Tuesday night. The girl had been lured away from her residence by an acquaintance of her father Mahesh on Tuesday evening.

The kidnapper, Harish, had befriended Mahesh at Jagnade Chowk earlier in the day, where they shared liquor also. Later, Mahesh took Harish home for lunch. Harish is learnt to have offered Rs 5 coin to Meenakshi and her eight-year-old brother to win their confidence.

Mahesh, his wife Nalini and Harish left for work after some time. While Mahesh and Harish worked as menial labourers, Nalini sold vegetables on a cart near Hudkeshwar police station.

While Meenakshi’s parents were at work, Harish returned to their home after some time. He took Meenakshi and her brother with him on the bicycle by promising the siblings a stroll and some goodies in the vicinity. The culprit also told the kids that he would take them to their mother’s vegetable stall.

Police said Harish told Meenakshi’s brother to get off from the cycle after some time and told him to go back home. He promised to return soon with his sister and some goodies for a feast. However, Harish headed to Hinganghat in Wardha with the girl.

When the girl did not return home, her parents complained to Nandanvan police station. The cops traced Harish’s whereabouts to Shivaji Nagar, since Meenakshi’s father had some information about him. After this, the cyber cell of crime branch played a vital role by feeding Nandanvan police information about Harish’s movements by tracing his mobile phone.

The quickly changing location of Harish’s mobile phone led the police to conclude that he was travelling in trains. Nandanvan police station sub-inspector Pradeep Atulkar, working under Senior PI Sunil Jaiswal, contacted RPF control room and emailed a photograph of the girl to the railway force.

PI Jaiswal took up the issue with senior divisional security commissioner of RPF Ibrahim Sharif, who in turn alerted RPF officials at Multai and Betul. It was during a search by Betul RPF men that Harish was spotted with the girl in a luggage-cum-passenger bogie of Dakshin Express.