RPF made a Video with the DDLJ Theme: a Must Watch

Who does not love famous Bollywood film Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge? and the Train scene is loved by almost everyone where Simran runs behind the running train to hold Raj’s hand and get into the train and finally their love wins. Yes, this is the happy part of the story.

But what if Simran fell into the track? What if Raj gets hit by a poll? What if any mishap occurs? Actually, its all happy and awesome in the movies, but in real life, people should never practice such things as they can be highly dangerous.

So Railway Police Force from Uttar Pradesh came up with this amazing video which takes the train theme of DDLJ where we see an animated version of DDLJ train scene. Simran runs behind the train, but unlike in the movie, she steps on a banana peel and slips into the track and dies, on the other hand, Raj who is putting his head out to get hold of Simran hits a poll and gets severe injuries.

GRP SSP Gopeshnath Khanna who got this idea of making a video said, “Do not board a moving train and do not allow your body parts out of the door or window of the moving train.”