RPF seize banned Spasmo Proxvyon capsules at Dimapur on NFR

TIQYGRTTWMJASIXFURLL_resizeDimapur (DMV):  Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel led by S.I Meena A. Khan arrested one Abdul Matlib (28) S/o Abdul Helim of Marinkhum village, Thoubal, Manipur  for possessing 1500 thousand  capsules of Spasmo Proxyvon worth around Rs.1.50 lakhs approx at railway station on Sunday.

According to RPF, Abdul was arrested during a regular frisking at railway station at around 8:40 p.m on Sunday as he alighted from the weekly run Rajendranagar Express at Dimapur railway station.

The accused was intercepted and arrested on suspicious when he tried to escape with a bag. On checking his bag, RPF personnel found the contraband neatly packed in a 22 black polythene bag.

On interrogation, the accused admitted that the contraband items were brought from Patna, Bihar and were to be dispose of in Thoubal, Manipur.

The accused was later hand over to Government Railway Police Station (GRPS).

Spasmo Proxyvon and its Dangerous Effects?

World Heath Organisation has banned this drug officially.  India had banned sell / use of this drug in India as it was proved to be very dangerous drug. Spasmo Proxyvon is a medicine belonging to the antispasmodics class, was earlier used in treating functional bowel disorders. The active substance in Spasmo-Proxyvon is dicyloverine which is a synthetic anticholinergic. Otherwise said, it reduces spasms and cramps of the gastro-intestinal tract because it inhibits the muscarinic receptors. A tablet of spasmo proxyvon contains 10 mg of dicyclomine hydrochloride, 400 mg of acetaminophen and 100 mg of proproxyphene napsylate.

Spasmo proxyvon, just like any other medication, can have some side effects and can interact with other drugs. The most common side effects are not dangerous and can include nausea and dryness of the mouth. Some people can also experience tachycardia, arrhythmia, confusion, palpitations, etc. In case the recommended dosage is exceeded, patients might experience excitement, hallucination and even delirium. There were cases in which spasmo proxyvon was used in recreational purposes. This is not at all recommended and it can also cause addiction, besides the potentially threatening consequences.

Spasmo-proxyvon is not recommended in breastfeeding women. In what concerns pregnancy, studies on animals have not confirmed any risk for the unborn baby and neither did studies on pregnant women. However, this is not applicable to the first trimester of pregnancy because risks are always higher during this period. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take spasmo proxyvon without the approval of their doctor. Spasmo proxyvon can also interfere with the ability to operate machineries or drive vehicles.

Patients who were prescribed spasmo-proxyvon have to inform their doctors if they are taking any prescribed or over the counter pills or if they were diagnosed with another medical condition. For instance, spasmo-proxyvon is not supposed to be prescribed in patients with intestinal obstruction, glaucoma, reflux oesophagitis, intestinal atony or myasthenia gravis. It also can’t be used in infants younger than 6 months. People suffering of diseases like hyperthyroidism, hypertension, urinary retention, renal, kidney or heart failure should be very cautious when taking spasmo proxyvon and should inform their doctor of all the side effects or changes that they experience. Extra precaution is also needed in children, elderly persons and pregnant women.

Spasmo proxyvon should always be taken in the dosage recommended by the doctor and only for the amount of time that was indicated. If the dosage is exceeded or if the pills are taken for a prolonged period of time, addiction might occur. Those who develop addiction would have a very difficult time in getting rid of it. They will also need higher and higher doses of spasmo proxyvon in order to obtain the same effect. In order to overcome spamso-proxyvon addiction, specialized help might be needed. Withdrawal symptoms might be pretty aggressive and dealing with them might prove very difficult. It is best to avoid such problems better than to solve them once the harm was done.