RPF success rate in nabbing anti-social elements on the rise on NFR

GUWAHATI: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) of the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has reported a jump in its success against anti-social elements involved in offences against passengers and their belongings.

Official sources said that detection of cases and arrests made with regard to offences like drugging, theft and crime against women went up in 2016 compared to 2015 in the NFR zone.

Last year, RPF detected 22 cases related to drugging of passengers as against only 14 such cases in 2015. A total of 33 arrests were made in relation to such cases in 2016 as against 23 in 2015, which in an increase of over 30 per cent.

Similarly, 56 cases related to theft of passengers’ belongings were detected in 2016 as against 33 in the previous year. RPF arrested 71 persons for their alleged involvement in such cases last year compared to 58 in 2015, an increase of over 18 per cent.

In addition, two cases of robbery were detected by RPF in the NFR zone last year and three arrests were made in this connection. No incident of dacoity took place in 2016.

RPF also detected nine cases of crime against women last year and nine persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in such incidents.

Officials said that the force also achieved major success in its drive against human trafficking.

During 2016, as many as 60 boys and girls were rescued and 19 traffickers were arrested, as against 44 kids rescued in 2015, thereby resulting in arrest of seven traffickers.

“In addition, 357 runaway minor boys and girls were rescued in 2016 as against 162 in 2015,” said an official.

He added that the force has also intensified its escorting duties, and on an average RPF provides escort in 124 Mail and Express trains, especially those running during night. Over 450 staff have been deployed for this purpose.

On being contacted, NFR Public Relations Officer (PRO) Nripen Bhattacharya said that besides introduction and operationalising of the RPF security helpline No. 182 in all security control rooms of the railway divisions and constitution of Quick Reaction Teams (QRT) at some important stations, steps have also been taken for raising public awareness on security-related issues.

“Wide publicity of security helpline No. 182 has been made vide different means like publicity through electronic media as well as print media, pasting of stickers, hoardings, distribution of leaflets and pamphlets, conducting street plays, street shows and digital exercise at important stations,” he said.

During 2016, as many as 163 complaints related to security and other matters were received via the helpline number.

It is noteworthy that RPF of NFR bagged the All India Security Shield 2016 on the basis of its performance during the year 2015-16.

“RPF has been retaining the ‘All India Passenger Security Shield’ for the last three successive years on the basis of performance on the parameters related to passenger security. This time it was shared with East Central Railway,” said an official.