SWR allots 8 Trains for Modi rally – Security & Surveillance beefed up in the State

BANGALORE: The South Western Railway have approved eight trains for Modi’s rally on November 17 in Bangalore. The headquarters in Hubli said that these trains will be operated with 20 coaches each and will leave their destinations on Saturday to reach Bangalore on Sunday morning.

There will be two trains from Hubli, One from Belgaum, one from Hugar, one from Bagalkot, one from Bijapur and two from Shimoga. Some of the coaches pulled for the show belong to South Western railway and some of them are sent from other divisions on approval from railway board.

Each train will cost Rs10-13 lakh depending on the distance, said officials. The train from Hugar in Belgaum would cost the most, as it is the longest distance, followed by Hubli, Belgaum and Bagalkot.

GRP/RPF on the Divisions covering the entourage of the passengers were alerted for intensive checks inside and outside the trains.  The Engineering Staff were also alerted on the Hubli and Bangalore Divisions to ensure safety of tracks and are carrying out intensive track inspections in view of the political rally to ensure safety and security of the passengers.

State’s Intelligence Bureau and sleuths from Rapid Action Force and other wings have launched surveillance and monitoring of any sort of sabotage in entire the state with the help of latest and advanced technologies that intends to cover the internet, online, telephonic, mobile and other sorts of communications.  Many of the organisations were roped in this activity till the completion of the rally.  Mobile operators like MTS, Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, Idea have set up a team to monitor any untoward activities in their subscribers’ networks.  Likewise Cyber Police Cells in association with DOT (Vigilance) are monitoring the internet traffic.