Sabotage bid foiled, close shave for 300 passengers

A major tragedy was averted after three iron bars were recovered from railway tracks in Kollur hamlet near Thirukoilur on Friday evening. Passengers of the Villupuram-Katpadi train had a narrow escape after the engine’s wheels hit the iron bars.

The Villupuram-Katpadi passenger train was detained for about an hour following the incident, the police said. The train was carrying about 300 passengers.

The driver of the train hit the brakes at once when he heard a huge clang, immediately followed by a heavy jolt. He then alerted the Thirukoilur police. They collected three pieces of iron bars which were placed ostensibly to block the train. Following the incident, policemen were sent to guard the rail track in the area.

S Manoharan, Villupuram Superintendent of Police, said the possibility of a sabotage was not ruled out and the perpetrators would be punished once they were identified.