Samaikyandhra activists leave for Delhi in Trains to stall Telangana Bill

Special train with banners that read ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ and ‘Jai Samaikyandhra’ left Vijayawada station with 1,500 people
6ZIJIRGSM1546Vijayawada (BZA): With just a few days remaining for the fate of the A.P Reorganisation Bill to be decided in Parliament, a large number of supporters of Samaikyandhra left for Delhi by a special train that originated from Vijayawada on Saturday night, to register their protest in the national Capital.

Vijayawada railway station was teeming with Samaikyandhra activists and the special train had banners that read ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ and ‘Jai Samaikyandhra’ tied to them.

Anger writ large

The mood was one of anxiety and anger at the way the MPs from the Seemandhra region were manhandled and suspended from the Lok Sabha. Nearly 1,500 people from different sections of society embarked on the journey arranged by the APNGOs’ Association and various Joint Action Committees.

A much larger number of Samaikyandhra activists passed through Vijayawada by special trains arranged from other areas. They were all eager to help MPs from the Seemandhra region in preventing the passage of the controversial Bill. A good number of the travellers were youth and women.

The trains will reach Delhi in the early hours of Monday if there is no hurdle en route.

APNGOs’ Association leader Md. Iqbal, who monitored the arrangements, said the Central Government could not go ahead with bifurcation as it was vehemently opposed by majority population. Bifurcation would have serious consequences for many generations, he warned.