Sanawad-Khandwa section Braod Gauge work begins

Mhow Khandwa GC worksRatlam:  Gauge conversion work of 54-km-long Sanawad-Khandwa section, a part of mega Indore-Khandwa gauge conversion project, began on May 12. Considered to be the gateway to many southern Indian cities, the section will save five hours journey and also help city passengers to catch trains without visiting Bhopal.

The railways had prepared a detailed plan to carry-out gauge conversion (GC) of 472.64km long meter gauge (MG) Ratlam-Akola section into broad gauge (BG) in 2006. The project report completed in August 2007 and it got approval in the FY 2008-09. But, it received budget allotment of Rs 40 crore in 2010-11. However, from Ratlam to Mhow and Akola to Khandwa sections have been made GC. Now GC work of the remaining 139.19-km-long Mhow-Khandwa has to be carried-out in two phases— Mhow to Sanawad and Sanawad to Khandwa.

Travel time of City passengers to be reduced by 5 hours

Mhow-Sanawad section tenders likely in this fiscal.

Mhow-Khandwa gauge conversion work next.

The Western Railway has now turned its focus to Mhow Khandwa section after completing the Indore-Mhow broad gauge conversion work. The gauge conversion work of the 139-km long Mhow-Khandwa section will be done in two phases – Mhow to Sanawad and Sanawad to Khandwa. Work has already started on the 54-km long Sanawad-Khandwa section. As Khandwa is a major junction, the broad gauge conversion will improve Indore’s connectivity with southern cities. “Tenders for Mhow-Sanawad section are likely to be floated in October,” a railway official said.

Official sources in the railways said that GC work of 54-km-long Sanawad-Khandwa section had started on May 12 from Khandwa-end. In next six months, the railways would carry-out earth work without taking mega block under which leveling, broadening of track repairing and construction of bridges would be done. Sources said that the railways took up GC work as the NTPC had hand-over Rs 400 crore to the railways. NTPC is setting-up a thermal plant close to Sanawad and the track will help in ferrying coal to the station.

Member of Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) of Western Railway (WR) Ajit Singh Narang said that tenders for Mhow-Sanawad section are also likely to be floated in October and approval for tenders could be given before the end of current fiscal.


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