Sanctioned trains fail to cater to needs of Adilabad commuters

Adilabad (ADB): Despite the growing demand for rail travel in the western part of Adilabad district, the sanction of trains to the region in the past has failed to cater to the needs of the commuters, according to concerned citizens here. More number of trains on the Nanded-Nagpur track via Adilabad, which will become an alternate link between the North and the South, could speed up the development in this backward area, they feel.

Only a few trains pass through this town, despite the railway station here being designated as a model station about seven years back, which was expected to provide a relief to the main track that links the two regions in the country. According to sources, the station is designed to handle traffic of 40 trains every day, which is yet to materialise.

“Leave alone introducing new trains, the Railway Ministry has failed in even taking up surveys on the two important tracks, a proposal mooted in the budgets of 2010-11 and 2011-12. The survey pertains to the new tracks between Adilabad to Gadchandur in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and between Adilabad and Armoor, in the neighbouring Nizamabad district,” alleged RTI activist and member of Civil Society, Adilabad, S.P. Pataskar. “The Railways should give priority to extension of some trains to this town for the benefit of commuters. We have asked for the extension of Nanded-Daund-Nanded Passenger train to Adilabad for the convenience of thousands of Shirdi Sai devotees, extension of the Adilabad-Parli Passenger train to Pandharpur for the benefit of Vithaleshwar devotees and extension of Nanded-Pune-Nanded tri-weekly train to Adilabad, routing it through Aurangabad and Latur,” he says, quoting a list of demands which the Civil Society has submitted ahead of the Railway budget this year.

One of the major demands of people in Adilabad has been a pit line or maintenance unit which would ensure the diversion of many trains on this track. Among other key demands is the strengthening of the track between Pippalkunti and Majri under the Central Railway, which is one of the major stumbling blocks for superfast trains being re-routed through Adilabad.